I'm an Assistant Professor at the Economics Department of UniDistance Suisse

My research aims at identifying how  institutions (e.g. laws, information, wealth-sharing schemes) affect human behavior, thereby helping or hurting the attainment of desirable social outcomes (e.g. cooperation, truthful communication, self-enforced property rights). I mainly contribute to the fields of Behavioral & Experimental Economics (e.g. Games and Economic Behavior; Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; Experimental Economics) as well as Law & Economics (e.g. Journal of Legal Studies; Journal of Empirical Legal Studies; American Law and Economics Review). Some of my recent projects are at the intersection with Mathematics and Computer Science. Several media outlets have reported on my research. 

I co-organize the monthly Virtual Behavioral and Experimental Economics Seminar (Swiss V-BEERS) and the Matterhorn Symposium on Behavior, Institutions, and Cooperation.